The End Is Near, I Repeat the End is Near!!!

“The End is Near!!!!!!!!”

 Well, the end of ECI 834 is near and with this comes many different emotions. This course has been engaging while thought provoking and I will miss my Tuesday night community!  It has been great to meet with peers through the zoom room and discuss many different tools and pedagogical elements to online/blended teaching and learning.

As Twana, Melinda and I put our finishing touches on the medical terminology prototype this week I am amazed at what we have accomplished. I am actually excited that this course will hopefully provide pre-nursing students with a strong terminology foundation prior to starting their program. Although, we will likely need approval from the leadership team the lunchroom chatter has been positive about implementing this!

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Regardless of the outcome, I feel the process of this assignment that Alec and Katia have designed has made the idea of creating or even teaching in an online course more realistic! I would not have thought this prior to taking ECI 834.

As I have discussed in other posts our group started with moodle but changed to canvas. Like Ashley  discussed in her blog this week we have enjoyed many things about this LMS but have also found some challenges!  Andy  thought canvas was really neat! It was great to be able to easily separate the modules for a group project with individual teaching components. However, the saving feature really drove me crazy. I would edit something only to realize that I forgot to hit save. This was very frustrating!! However, I feel the end product is awesome and I hope my peers evaluating feel the same way!


On week one of this course I remember saying to my group we need to take note of our key learning each week to highlight in our final summary of learning.  Fortunately, Twana and Melinda are more organized than me and actually wrote things down so we have started the process of completing this project as well.  I don’t want to give it away but I think you will enjoy it!!


Most importantly I want to thank my Tuesday night community for entertaining me in the chat, teaching me about tools and apps that will strengthen my teaching and answering all my “non-techy” questions. Although, I may never use a green room or slack, I will be implementing blended learning in my courses!! 




Author: Stephanie Grand

Mature Student, Mom, Nurse Educator, Newbie to Blogging and learning educational technology!

4 thoughts on “The End Is Near, I Repeat the End is Near!!!”

  1. Great post Stephanine. It has been great working with you for these projects. Despite having some frustrations with the editing feature in Canvas, our prototype assignment has come together quite nicely. Sometimes our challenges and the “bumps in the road” is how we all learn best. I have learned so much from you and Twana along this journey and I am ever so grateful for that.
    I would agree with you when saying I am more open to the idea of teaching online than I was before taking 834.
    Here’s to the lunchroom chatter and taking this prototype course forward!

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  2. Stephanie, regardless of what LMS or digital tool you use in your teaching, I think that your approach to looking at how these tools can authentically be implemented into your teaching is definitely the right way to go. I too, prefer the blended approach. Good for you and your group switching from Moodle to Canvas. If the platform wasn’t working, it was worth your while to switch.


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