Learning for me happens with…….

This week we looked at pedagogical differences of various types of media. Therefore, I will be reflecting on my own experiences with learning from digital sources in light of the Bates reading.  When asked “what are your learning preferences when it comes to digital resources (e.g., print, audio, video, other)?” I had to stop and think. I believe my learning styles have changed with age. If I was to answer this question when I was in primary or high school I definitely would have said audio and video. I disliked reading and was the student that would hit blockbuster to find a movie of the book I needed to complete a book report on.  To Kill a Mockingbird was one that I remember well!


In my nursing undergrad program I found text with visual pictures helped me to initially understand concepts. When further reinforced with video, things seemed to make the most sense. I began to enjoy reading in my undergrad and perhaps this was because I had a choice in what I was learning and the readings were relevant to my goals. I wasn’t forced to read an anatomy and physiology text but chose to in order to become a competent nurse that could provide evidence based care to people. 


This makes me wonder if students had more of a choice in the material they were assigned to read if they would be more engaged with text. Especially students in primary school. Having a child in a reading resource program that dictates the books he “must” read has been a challenge in our home. I have said many times to his teachers that if they gave him a comic book he would be much more willing to participate. In fact I have actually stopped making my son read his assigned homework and have resorted to Captain Underpants as our primary source of supplemental reading homework. I am sure many would disagree but I grew up with Archie Comics and I eventually learned how to read fluently.


Throughout my Master’s I find most instructors assign readings/texts as the primary source of learning. I do find reading text online difficult on the eyes after long periods of time and prefer paper text but given the digital age it seems wasteful to print off every article. I appreciate when instructors use a variety of tools as it makes class content more interesting but I agree with Adam who wrote about the downfalls of relying too much on one. He spoke mostly about the use of too much video and I would agree instructors need to be cautious with video as a primary teaching strategy.

What are your thoughts? How much is too much?


Author: Stephanie Grand

Mature Student, Mom, Nurse Educator, Newbie to Blogging and learning educational technology!

8 thoughts on “Learning for me happens with…….”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog it made me think of my own experiences as a learner. I am glad you started enjoying reading because you became interested in the subject matter, I find reading textbooks puts me to sleep. I know the struggle of reading on a computer also, it sucks. I find video entertaining and a great way to engage an audience.


  2. Great post!! The good old days of Archie Comics, I had a great collection at one point!! I agree with what you said about allowing our students to have more choice, if we offered opportunities for them to choose their reading material I do feel they would be more engaged, I know I would!!:)


  3. Thanks for the post! I am the opposite – I love text! I also love video, however, but audio is not my thing. However, I do agree with you about reading texts on the computer. I find it difficult on the eyes and much more difficult to concentrate. I often have to print all of the things that professors will assign in these grad classes because I need to be able to write all over it, highlight the key ideas, and make other markings for important parts. Thanks for sharing your ideas this week!


  4. Great post Steph. I agree with the point you have made and think its important to encourage students to learn from various means. I think as a learner it is important for each of us to understand how we best learn and embrace that was of learning.
    I myself, learn best through audio and visual means. I detest reading and avoid it as much as I can… even Archie comic books!

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