Adobe Spark worked for me

This week I need to start with a confession. Last week I blogged all about Moodle and how it would be the platform we would be using  for our course project for ECI 834. Well it turns out I lied. After much frustration that Melinda clearly reflects on with her powtoon animation our group has changed paths once again.


We have decided to use Canvas instead. I know there has been a lot of discussion about the annoyance of the Canvas team with emails and phone calls but this non techy gal can appreciate all the help that comes with anything tech related.

I have to be honest if we had used Moodle we likely would have asked for help from co-workers and peers so I don’t see much difference. This week we were given a very “quick and fast paced” introduction to tools we could use to create our platforms. By starting out with the Tony Bates reading, I thought perhaps a tool that included text,audio and visual elements might be something I would be interested in incorporating and using in the future.  I tried out Adobe Spark and created this short video for the medical terminology course that we are in the process of developing. I could’t believe how user friendly this program is.

I have always been intimidated with creating video’s beyond just taking a clip with my phone because of the editing and the time it takes. I had to start working on this fear last term with our final ECI 833 project and would like to become more comfortable incorporating audio and visual into my classes. I think it would be great for students to create and share videos with each other as well to demonstrate/learn critical learning elements and achieve desired outcomes. This week I had the opportunity to review curriculum for a course I teach with a number of individuals. Creating a video for a final project is something we discussed as a possibility to get students more engaged and to allow for more transparency across the course.

As of now, I primarily use power point and although it has come along way students get bored quickly with slides. We do use many videos as well but I wonder if students would learn more if they  were engaged in the process of creating. I will definitely be introducing Adobe Spark to my students! The advantages are that it was easy to sign up for, walked me through the process and had direct links to creative commons images. You could re-record as many times as you wanted. It was then easy to share as it had direct sharing links to email, twitter and face book. You can post your power point slides right in if you wanted to record your lecture for an online/blended class. One thing I saw as a down fall was it only gave 10 seconds of recording time. This could be a challenge for those of us that like to chatter!

Have you tried Adobe Spark? Let me know your thoughts


Author: Stephanie Grand

Mature Student, Mom, Nurse Educator, Newbie to Blogging and learning educational technology!

14 thoughts on “Adobe Spark worked for me”

  1. It’s awesome to see you trying something that is a little out of your comfort level Stephanie! Many of us educators use PowerPoint still today as it is a program that is widely accepted no matter where you go. Venturing out of this comfort zone is not always easy, and requires a brave soul (or to be in a class like this). Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Students have tried AdobeSpark and they have said that they love it because it is quick and easy to use. I can see it more for a summary because of the 10 second limit per picture/slide, because you are right – I can stay almost 10 minutes on one picture or slide once we get talking! Good luck with your change to canvas – I can’t wait to see what you develop!


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