Zoom Zoom Zoom… What’s up with that thing….

I remember saying to my husband when I started my Master’s program that I would likely be taking all face to face classes because of my huge fear of online learning. As an employee of Saskpolytech we are required to take a Faculty Certificate Program. If we complete a master’s with a technology course we are are able to PLAR or receive transfer credit so reluctantly and with huge hesitation I signed up for ECI 833.  As I have blogged about before I needed a little push from some experienced classmates and the support of the instructor Alec to overcome my fear and take the plunge.

Now we are at the midterm point and this week my group presented a seminar on Tools for Online and Distance Education. Reading literature in preparation for the class facilitation I realized that I am not alone in my fears and that others have struggled with many of the same feelings. We discussed in detail advantages and disadvantages and what things to consider when choosing an online tool for our own students.

For the blog prompt we choose to ask our peers to discuss some of the tools we have used in ECI 833 and discuss whether they would use them in their own courses. I would like to reflect on my thoughts on Zoom as a tool for teaching and learning. I can’t believe how user friendly the Zoom Room is to connect to. For this reason alone I would feel comfortable using this tool with my own students. Just a click on a link and I am online with 30+ people taking the same course. I appreciate the fact that I can take this course from the comfort of my couch or kitchen table and I am sure my students would love this too!  I find the CHAT room entertaining and engaging. It is great that people can interact and respond to one another without verbally interrupting the speaker. I did find that when I was presenting it was difficult to follow the chat at the same time. I assume it has taken some practice for those that are able to do it with out completely loosing their focus. I also appreciate that when as I student I have a question the instructor can share their screen and demonstrate how to do something. This weeks challenge for me was adding a photo into my blog post so here it is!!! ECI 833 peers what are your thoughts on tools used thus far???? 20161011_185903


Author: Stephanie Grand

Mature Student, Mom, Nurse Educator, Newbie to Blogging and learning educational technology!

9 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom Zoom… What’s up with that thing….”

  1. Hey Stephanie,
    You are doing GREAT! Blogging is its own style of writing, that takes time, and practice. Once you begin to get more comfortable with it, you will find the ease in linking sites, documents, and using proper copyright photos/images. I like to use my own pictures when I can as well. Keep up the good work. You’re almost done this class.
    In terms of your final project, I would suggest looking into iMovie, or a basic screencast as they are the most user friendly for the final project in an Alec Couros Class.


  2. Online classes scare me sometimes too. I was probably as reluctant as you to sign up for this class, but have now found that there is other ways to learn. As I stated in the presentation this past week, a cave and the confinements within are difficult to comprehend until you are able to see something different.

    Excellent post Stephanie!


  3. Glad you are getting more comfortable and settling into the online class. They are definitely different then face to face and I think they require a little more discipline in some areas but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far (I think). You are doing great! Be sure to keep asking questions because many of us have taken 2-4 classes from Alec so we have all been in your position. We would love to help in anyway!


  4. I agree Stephanie, give me an IV to start, a low blood pressure to treat, a code blue, or in your case a baby to deliver and we are your girls! But link a video in a blog and WHAT??? Crazy! You have helped me so much and it is great to learn together. I am enjoying Zoom and being at home for class and yet able to see everyone and put a face to the name. We have come a long way since first class and I thank you for supporting me in our crazy life choice to take two masters classes while working full time and you busy with your family!! We will finish this as we Zoom to the end- how could we not be successful with such caring and supportive classmates and Prof? Good luck with your Kahoot this week!


  5. Sometimes the online world can feel overwhelming even when you do have some level of comfort. You are doing a great job! There are always online video tutorials to turn to on YouTube if you’re ever unsure of how to do something on your blog. Hard to believe we are this far into the class already. Always remember to take the learning piece at a time!


  6. Hey, great job on your blog. It isn’t easy, at first, to get comfortable with it all, but it sure gets easier. I also think it’s hilarious that you think those of us with “experience” can actually be in the zoom room chat and not lose focus on the class!


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